DARPA - Training Superiority

Biological Sciences -- Maintaining Human Combat

Performance Training Superiority (DARWARS)

Program Manager: Dr. Ralph Chatham

DARPA's Training Superiority program aims to revolutionize training. Through a number of initiatives, DARPA seeks to take advantage of the ubiquity of the PC and of new software technologies to create immersive training environments with on-target feedback for each student. These systems also increase readiness by giving individuals and groups realistic practice across a wide range of skills, making appropriate training available instantly to anyone, anywhere, and making it so engaging that our forces choose to train, opting to come back again and again to practice and hone skills.

DARWARS is designed to get new training technology into the field quickly. It is defining an architectural framework to support deployment of training systems that allow students to train and to practice no matter where they are located. It is developing tools to allow instructors to align practice scenarios with training objectives and performance measures for individuals and for teams. And it is creating an online community of instructors and learners - modeled after the on-line communities formed around multi-player games that are so familiar to this next generation of soldiers.

Within this framework, the Acuitus mission is to develop a digital tutor that will dramatically outperform schoolhouse instructors, bringing the excellence of Command Training Center training (such as the Top Gun school) to a broad spectrum of sailors at modest cost. Specifications include improving student outcomes for existing courses by two standard deviations(i.e., “C” students performing at the A+ level), while significantly reducing the time to train, moving beyond rote memorization to teach deep understanding and problem solving skills - addressing even the most challenging subjects - and tuning training, in detail, to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual student. The objective is to deliver a revolution in training where a sailor can rapidly achieve competence and mastery, anytime, anywhere

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