Our very first school used live tutors, the very best, the people who literally wrote the book on IT: Doug Comer, Jim McBee, Faraz Shamim, Brian Hill, to name a few. Each student had their own personal expert and master tutor, for every week and every subject; one-to-one with the very best.

Then, we cloned these two-dozen tutors—thousands of tutoring experiences—using exotically sophisticated artificial intelligence, to create a computer system that works with each student the same way the awesome tutors would. We call this technology the Digital Tutor. It lets every student sit shoulder-to-shoulder with the likes of a Doug, Jim and Brian—while they’re watching your work, asking you questions, responding to your answers. This is close to science fiction, but it‘s real. To see another example of what is just now becoming possible, look at Watson, the IBM system that beat the best Jeopardy champions. Watson was created to be the very best contestant; we have created the very best learning environment.

This is also hands-on, learning by doing—with the Digital Tutor responsible for keeping you challenged, but never too challenged. Early on, you’ll tackle problems you can solve in a few minutes. In a few months, you’ll be tackling problems that will take you hours, where you will begin, without any idea of the answer—but have the confidence to know you will find it. This school is very different—focused on making you both very competent and very confident. It’s also about getting you years of experience in months—with every student succeeding as our ultimate goal.

The schedule is intense—learning at this pace is hard work. You will spend eight hours a day in school, five hours working with your own corporate network and your own personalized Digital Tutor, and the rest of the day working in small groups, led by an IT guru. And you will be amazed at how quickly you learn, at how much you learn, and how quickly time passes.