Our students to date have been primarily entry-level Navy sailors with no prior experience with computers or networks. Of the 200 we have worked with, very few had some college experience, the average age was 21 but several were in their late twenty’s. Almost all had never considered working with computers and networks, didn’t consider themselves good with computers and networks, and many had expected a different career path. Some had worked construction, driven tractors, waited tables, worked as a postal clerk, a photographer, several were accomplished artists, one a sushi chef. All proved to be exceptionally talented, given the opportunity.

Few had good memories of their high school experience, few had done well, many had tried community college but found it to be too hard and/or difficult to stick with.

All found our school to be a very different experience. Most say it is the first time in their life they looked forward to going to school. All note that the school is very hard work—every student is challenged to their own personal limits, every day—but none would have it any other way, because every student soon discovered they are better today than they were yesterday, and each recognized they were on track to reaching the goal of being exceptional.

A few student comments capture why our school is different: