Information Technology (IT) and System Administration is the profession that has responsibility for all of the computers and networks for an organization. Everyone requires ITs, including the high-tech firms of IBM, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Oracle, or Google, Amazon and Facebook—but also all of the major companies in Finance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Publishing, Insurance, and Energy. Computers and networks are at the center of every major enterprise, and it is the ITs that are responsible for these systems.

This profession is critical to the operation of every industry, and that need is only growing. It’s why today there are over 200,000 job openings and the demand for ITs will grow strongly over the next several decades – twice as fast as the rest of the economy. Good ITs are also hard to find. That is why a good IT will earn, on average, more than a recent Stanford graduate; why the average salary of an IT is $74,000; why an average IT manager earns $135,000. And why someone who really knows what they are doing is worth their weight in gold.

IT is also very rewarding. If you know what you’re doing, these computer systems and networks are amazingly powerful, amazingly capable. From your desk you can reach around the world, fixing computers behind locked doors in Tokyo, Singapore or Paris.

And so, it isn’t surprising that students in their first day or two, after working with the Digital Tutor, tackling their first few assignments, say,

“Wow, is this what ITs do? This is fun!”

We are also partnering with the industry leaders, companies that have a focus on hiring Veterans, and who have a serious need for high-quality ITs. We are working with them to ensure our school graduates the ITs they need, and to allow for pre-qualification of graduates. They place a premium on experience, on being able to handle real-world problems, on being able to think about problems and quickly figure out the solutions—not merely to remember facts or something they read. This is what our school is all about.

We want to deliver a graduate our corporate partners will hire in a heart-beat—to make the step from graduation to employment very, very small.